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Starting University is an up-to-date, practical and easy-to-read guide for students preparing to take that exciting and/or scary leap to university in the UK. Packed full of helpful advice, the book includes actions students can - and should - take throughout the year prior to starting university, including how to apply for university and the key dates concerning the university admission process, applying for student finance and a student bank account, applying for student accommodation. It explains how much money they're likely to have, where it comes from, where it goes and - crucially - how to get more of it.

Also, how to budget and what happens when it comes to paying off their loans. It includes what to expect when they start university and how to settle in: from student accommodation and Freshers' Week to making friends and study skills. And, if they're living away from home, there's helpful advice on living without their parents e.g.

how to do laundry, how to cook five easy meals, how to shop savvy. There's advice on how to keep themselves and their belongings safe at university and wellbeing advice: from friendships and relationships to new student blues and getting professional help if things become more serious. And it includes comprehensive lists of things they'll need plus a useful chapter for their parents.

It's the perfect gift for anyone preparing for university. Some quotes from students about the book:"Everything about going to university is made so simple. There were things I hadn't thought of doing and the double checklist is great!""I loved it and felt there was nothing missing.

My mum and I wished we could have had this book because she felt we were doing it blind.""I really enjoyed reading this book. I LOVE that both sides (positive and negative) of social media are highlighted. And listing the different places you can reach out to if you're really struggling is great - it highlights that there are lots of options!" And some quotes from parents about the book:"So many things to think about in such an easy to read format.

I love the checklist and ticking it off twice - great idea to help feel in control of jumping off the precipice into the unknown. I wish I had this book when I went off to university - it would have made my first year so much easier!""It's very easy to read and digest. Really nicely presented with not too much information on each page to overwhelm you.

The link to the website that shows how much they pay in rent at each university and how much they spend on food etc is a great idea. It's useful to get an idea of monthly outgoings and that looks spot on!""This book is helpful on so many counts. I'm a planner and the timeline is really useful in telling me what my daughter needs to do and by what date.

Also, the money section prepares us for how much we'll need to give her and how much she'll need to pay back when she graduates. It's brilliant: one place to go to for everything we need to know.""This is amazing. Totally understandable even to a non-uni goer like me.

So well written and I can totally see why both students and parents would benefit from reading it." Melissa Scallan is a journalist with a background in research and a Master's degree in psychology from the London School of Economics.